Do I have to purchase tickets online? 
Tickets may be purchased online via our website using PayPal (with PayPal and all major credit cards accepted), or you may purchase your tickets at the door prior to the start of the concert.  If buying tickets at the door, please allow plenty of time to make your purchase and be seated before the concert begins.

When does the box office open on the day of the concert?
The box office and seating typically open one hour prior to the concert time.

Is there assigned seating?
Seating is open on a first-come basis.  Your ticket will not include a seat assignment.

Can children attend the concerts?
We love introducing children to choral music!  They may even recognize certain works that have been used in movies, cartoons, or in ads.  Parents are the best judges in knowing when their children are ready to sit quietly during a concert.  If you find that your child is having a difficult time listening quietly, we kindly request that you discreetly exit the concert hall, as needed, to eliminate disruptions.   The singers on stage need to be able to hear each other, especially during a capella pieces, and at other times they need to hear the orchestra/accompanists.  When you return to the concert hall, please do so at a time when the choir has completed a particular piece.

What should I do if I arrive after the concert has begun?
If you arrive when the concert is in progress, please follow the guidance of the ushers before entering the concert hall.  If there are no ushers present, please enter after the end of a song to avoid disruptions.

Does Cumberland Choral Arts only sing classical music?
Founded as the Cumberland Oratorio Singers, our early repertoire consisted mainly of classical choral works.  But over time, other music genres, such as jazz, opera, showtunes, and other popular songs, have been added, and in some cases, presented as entire concerts. 

What if I am not familiar with the music or the language being sung?
Make sure you receive a concert program before you take your seat, and spend some time reading the program before the concert begins.  You will find historical background information for most pieces presented, along with something about the composer.  When we sing in a language other than English, we will provide a translation for you. 

Is it okay to applaud?
We love to hear you clap to let us know you enjoyed the music!  Your applause is music to our ears!  We just have one BIG request.  Please hold any applause until the end of a single song or the very end of a major work with more than one movement.  There can be several movements to a major piece, and they will be numbered in your program.  Many times, one movement may continue to the next with only a few seconds between, and sometimes the singers take their pitch cues from the previous movement.  When the entire piece is completed, the conductor will put down the baton and turn to the audience.  That’s your signal.  And at the conclusion of the concert?  By all means, clap, cheer, stand, throw roses!  We love it all, and we perform for your enjoyment! 

If I have a ticket and find that I cannot attend the concert, can I get a refund or make an exchange for a different concert?
We are unable to make exchanges or give refunds.  If you find that you are unable to use a ticket, please pass it to someone else to enjoy.  It’s a great way to introduce others to Cumberland Choral Arts and the world of choral music.

I would love to sing with Cumberland Choral Arts!  What do I need to do to join your choir? 
CCA is a community choir with members from all walks of life and with varying degree of choral experience.  We are always happy to welcome new singers to our group.  A voice placement (NOT as extensive as an audition) with our Artistic Director is required.  Please check out the SING WITH US section of this website for more information.